What’s taking so long to close Guantanamo?

President Obama plans to move a number of terrorism suspects to Thomas Correctional Center in Illinois. But before prisoners can be moved, a nervous Congress must agree to house the detainees on American soil. Wake Forest University Assistant Professor of Political Science Will Walldorf says the debate over Guantanamo should be a larger debate about U.S. human rights policy.

“I think the President will get the votes he needs, but the move will likely cause vigorous debate that will be important for America’s human rights policy going forward,” says Walldorf. “The U.S. wants to change our Bush-era image but moving prisoners from the Guantanamo detention center is only a small first step in untangling a very complex and muddled human rights policy since 911.”

Walldorf is an expert in U.S. foreign policy and human rights. His recent book,  “Just Politics: Human Rights and the Foreign Policy of Great Powers,” was recently named Best Book in International Security by the International Studies Association. He is available for interviews over the holiday recess.

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