‘Energizing the Future’ conference planned


In recent years, the study of energy use and policy has become increasingly important.  As a key driver in our modern economy, energy is essential to everyday life.  As national and international debates about energy policy and the economy emerge, it is essential that key players engage one another with the goal of furthering public education and finding sustainable energy solutions.

The Wake Forest University Energizing the Future conference is designed to create such dialogue.  On February 10-11, innovative business leaders, leading researchers, and policy makers will discuss energy use and policy in their current and future forms.  The event will include a public lecture by New York Times columnist and author Thomas Friedman.

Other headline guests include James Rogers, CEO of Duke Energy, and Aubrey McClendon, CEO of Chesapeake Energy.  Together with a host of academic thinkers, innovative entrepreneurs, and a video appearance by Dr. Steven Chu, U.S. Energy Secretary, these guests will guide and frame our discussion.

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