2010 March

Coates interviewed on PBS Newshour


Political science professor David Coates talks to PBS Newshour’s Judy Woodruff about today’s political climate and his new “living book,” a traditional and web-based book that provides arguments against conservative ideas.

Business schools ranked tops in nation

BusinessWeek magazine ranks Wake Forest University’s Undergraduate Business Program first in the nation for academic quality and 18th overall, in its 2010 list of the Top 50 Undergraduate Business Schools. The magazine announced its fifth annual ranking of “The Best Undergrad Business Schools” on March 4.

Amex CEO is commencement speaker


Kenneth I. Chenault, the chairman and chief executive officer of American Express Company, will deliver Wake Forest’s 2010 commencement address on May 17.

Why is the census important?

With census forms arriving in the mail this week, it’s time again to stand up and be counted. Professor Ana Wahl explains why the census is important and how she uses census data in her research and teaching. Ana Wahl in USA Today

Kairoff rediscovers 18-century poet


English professor Claudia Kairoff has received an NEH grant to compile the first complete scholarly review of the works of poet Anne Finch, perhaps the most important woman poet of the early 18th century.

March Madness means ‘Coachtalk’


Whether their teams win or lose in the NCAA Basketball Tournament, the postgame comments of coaches follow predictable patterns, says professor John Llewellyn, who studies “coachtalk.” Wake Forest vs. Texas preview

And the winner is…


Peter Brunette studies works of an Oscar-nominated filmmaker.

Professor Peter Brunette will be closely watching the Academy Awards on Sunday; he has a new book out on Austrian director Michael Haneke, whose film “The White Ribbon” has been nominated for best foreign film. Communication Professor Mary Dalton on the Oscars.

WAKE TV segments air on ESPNU.com


Hailey Robbins records a segment for ESPN-U with crew members Brent Lindley, Rebecca Moberly, Ben Kempton and John Harrison.

WAKE TV, the student-run campus television station, has filmed nine sports segments for ESPN-U, which have aired during basketball games this season and on ESPNU.com. Watch a clip on the men’s soccer team on ESPNU.com.

Chile will survive, says Siavelis


The 8.8-magnitude earthquake that hit Chile on Feb. 28 was many times more powerful than the one that struck Haiti two months ago, but Professor Peter Siavelis says Chile’s strong government will help the country recover quickly.

LENS program looks across disciplines

For most high school students, learning happens one individual discipline at a time. But in the world outside the classroom, finding solutions to challenges requires looking across disciplines. Wake Forest is starting a summer residential program this year to help high school juniors and seniors learn that the biggest challenges in the world can only be solved by studying a variety of perspectives.

Anne Boyle
Anne Boyle

The LENS program — for Learn, Experience, Navigate and Solve — will give students a college experience from a liberal arts perspective, says Kline Harrison, associate provost and professor of business. “It’s a holistic experience. It’s about learning what it’s like to be a college student while exploring and helping to solve a contemporary problem. The kind of student we are looking for is interested in taking up challenges.”