Aim high, think boldly, Hatch tells graduates


In his remarks to the Class of 2010 on May 17, President Nathan Hatch spoke on “ambition.”

“One of the keenest memories of my senior year in college was standing at night on the roof of a building on the north side of Chicago, surveying the twinkling lights of the skyline. It was a marvelous panorama, sparkling and vast, inviting and ominous at the same time. It represented for me the world after graduation in all its complexity.

The view was both alluring and frightening. I had a deep urge to accomplish something significant, to make a difference in the world. Yet I was also gripped by my own insignificance and unsure about my next steps. As I faced leaving the safe confines of college, I had a powerful urge to achieve; but I had no clue about what that meant.”

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