CellCraft makes White House debut


If the nation’s ability to remain an economic power rests in the hands of today’s middle-school students, then the future looks bright.

A new tool developed at Wake Forest — a video game called CellCraft — will be featured May 12 at the White House in the inaugural celebration of National Lab Day.

Jed MacoskoJed Macosko

CellCraft logo

Former graduate student Anthony Pecorella (’04, MA ’06), who directed the CellCraft project, will be showing the game to various White House officials. Pecorella, who received a MacArthur grant to work on the project, will be attending the White House program with other researchers who received MacArthur grants.

On May 11, 30 students at Hanes Middle School in Winston-Salem were among the first to play the final version of CellCraft, a high-action game in which players must learn the inner workings of a cell to save the inhabitants of a planet set for destruction.

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