Leonard delivers Baccalaureate address to Class of 2010


Bill Leonard, retiring founding dean of the Wake Forest School of Divinity, delivered the Baccalaureate address to the Class of 2010 this morning. Read the full text of his remarks.

“President Hatch, Provost Tiefenthaler, faculty colleagues, honored graduates, parents, family and friends. My Lord, what a morning — a not-to-be-forgotten moment. We all retain memories of earlier commencements. Thirty-five years ago today I received a PhD from Boston University. For years after that, my father would proudly remind his coffee buddies at the Rexall Drug Store in Jacksboro, Texas: “My son’s a doctor, but not the kind you take your clothes off for!” I got renamed then, as you will tomorrow, so let’s talk about that this morning.”

See the Baccalaureate photo gallery.

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