Video game blog helps consumers make decisions


At, students take what they learned in class and use it to test the latest video games. The blog includes reviews of more than a dozen games including Red Dead Redemption, which scored an A, and Sonic the Hedgehog, which scored a C-. The reviews are based on criteria such as challenge, graphics, ease of controls, replay value and narrative.

Parents can learn about the level of violence, gender stereotyping and potential addictiveness of each game—in addition to information about entertainment value.

Students in Associate Professor of Communication  Marina Krcmar’s class studied the video game industry; motivations for game play; the effects of virtual environments on learning; and the effects of violent video game play on aggression. Four students — Sal Scifo, Matt DiDomenico, Ford St. John and T.J. Scholberg — volunteered to spend time outside class to review games. Based on what they read and discussed in class, they worked with Krcmar on criteria for the reviews.

Krcmar’s research focuses on the effects of games and the influence of video game violence on children and adolescents. She has also studied why some people choose not to watch television. “Living Without the Screen” was published by Routledge.

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