Artist’s collages join paper and sound

220.20100730.brightDo you see the world as a collage of sights, sounds and sensations, bits and pieces that join and overlap to make a whole? Artist Paul Bright does. He combines bits of paper—ticket stubs, poster fragments, foreign newspapers, labels—with cardboard, window screen and other materials for his “physical” works. For his sound collages, he collects everyday noises from around the world with a small digital voice recorder.

Bright, who is also the assistant director of the Charlotte and Philip Hanes Art Gallery, teaches a summer class on collage. He says his students haven’t worked with their hands a lot and sometimes find it intimidating.

“But once they get their heads and hands into it, it’s really hard to get them out of it,” he says.

Bright is exhibiting his works of collage in a historic space in Italy. “Suono e Carta” (“Sound and Paper”) will be on display later this month and in September at Belriguardo, the Renaissance estate of the Este family outside of Ferrara, between Venice and Bologna.

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