Parents need to know when to stop hovering


Call them Velcro parents, helicopter parents or dive-bomb moms, when children leave home to begin college, it’s time for them to stop being overly involved in their offspring’s lives, according to Johnne Armentrout, assistant director of the Wake Forest Counseling Center. ”Young adults need to learn how to make mistakes and recover from those mistakes,” says Armentrout. “Preserving self esteem at all costs has inadvertently made kids feel anxious about disappointment, and some lack the emotional coping skills necessary for dealing with the normal ups and downs of life. “Tips for parents include: Remain calm when your child encounters a challenging situation (if you overreact, so will they), stay out of the classroom (let your child enjoy academic exploration) and avoid using cell phones and Facebook for reconnaissance missions.

Armentrout is available to answer questions related to the social and academic challenges facing the millennial generation at competitive colleges, and coping strategies for empty nest syndrome.

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