Feisty students launch coffee business

coffeeCollege students and coffee are a quintessential combination. But how many have tried to secure a great cup of java by roasting coffee beans in a hot-air popcorn popper? Senior JT Peifer has.

His passion for coffee led him to launch Feisty Goat Coffee Roasters. In the early morning before opening Campus Grounds, the student-run coffee shop in Taylor Residence Hall that he manages, he roasts and grinds exotic coffee beans. His business partner and fellow coffee enthusiast Kari Heuer handles the sales, financial operations and customer service side of the business.

“Ever since my first cup in fifth grade, coffee has been a passion of mine,” says Peifer. “The entire enterprise of coffee fascinates me.”

“Entrepreneurship is often about developing successful ventures from personal passions,” says John Ceneviva, entrepreneur-in-residence at the Center for Entrepreneurship, who assisted in securing funding for Feisty Goat. “Peifer has tapped into a trend in coffee for super-premium quality, a product that is not readily available to consumers in general, and in particular to Wake Forest students.”

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