2010 December


20080229dinan2296-380x215NC’s Hagan among few who voted against tax bill: “It’s a curious mix of `no’ votes, and Hagan’s position there is perhaps one of the most curious,” said John Dinan, a political science professor at Wake Forest University.


hallmaU.S. health-care law requirement thrown out by judge: “Some prominent conservative justices will go against it, but there is no serious indication that every single one will go against it,” Mark Hall, a professor at Wake Forest University School of Law, who serves on a federal advisory board set up to help implement the law, said ahead of the ruling.

Business News Daily

20100204bridges0870Holiday bargains may not be good for business: “When a brand goes on sale, it gives away part of the profit margin needed to invest in future innovation and quality,” said Sheri Bridges, associate professor of business at Wake Forest University. “This affects the consumer’s satisfaction in the long run because the company cannot afford to develop the newer and better products we all want.”

Wall Street Journal

TennisMen’s final US Open tuneup moving to N. Carolina: The 48-player event will take place in a new tennis facility on the Wake Forest campus, the U.S. Tennis Association and ATP World Tour announced Monday. It’ll be held Aug. 21-27 and serve as the final warmup before year’s final Grand Slam tournament.

Wall Street Journal

20100412competition0642Corner Office Turned Pressure Cooker: Compared with four years ago, pressures on CEOs “are substantially different—especially in certain industries,” said Steve Reinemund, who retired in 2006 as PepsiCo Inc. CEO “It’s still pretty tough out there,” adds Mr. Reinemund, dean of Wake Forest University’s business school.