2011 April

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Earth Day Arrives on College Campuses: Rather than cramming a bevy of sustainability-centric initiatives into a single day, some schools are scheduling weeks of events and activities. Wake Forest University, for example, launched “13 Days of Celebrating the Earth” on April 14, allowing students to participate in a multitude of environmentally conscious endeavors, such as a cardboard boat race and tours of local farms and gardens.

The extended schedules give colleges flexibility when coordinating events, and schools hope that a variety of offerings will imprint the importance of sustainability in students’ minds, says Dedee DeLongpr√© Johnston, director of sustainability at Wake Forest.

“The opportunity is that college students are in a learning mode right now,” says Johnston. “They are learning critical-thinking skills, and the most important thing we need to impart about sustainability is to think critically about all the information that is coming our way.”

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WebEx Solutions Enhance Student Learning: Wake Forest University and Cisco are working together to transform the way students, faculty, and staff members interact with each other and with collaborators around the world. Wake Forest will be the first university in the world to unite every member of the extended campus community with a site-wide license for Cisco WebEx Meeting Center.

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First Polymer Solar-Thermal Device Heats Home, Saves Money: “It’s a systems approach to making your home ultra-efficient because the device collects both solar energy and heat,” said David Carroll, Ph.D., director of the Center for Nanotechnology and Molecular Materials at Wake Forest University. “Our solar-thermal device takes better advantage of the broad range of power delivered from the sun each day.”

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Learning a language can translate into success: “It is imperative that colleges and universities set the foreign language requirement at a level that would help students gain ability to communicate ably,” says Mary Lynn Redmond, professor of education at Wake Forest University. Widely publicized teaching tools like Rosetta Stone can supplement foreign language education, professors say, but shouldn’t be a student’s sole means of absorbing a language. Interactive tools are useful for memorizing vocabulary words, but they’re not as effective as learning the nuances of conversation as live, face-to-face instruction, says Redmond.