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Nanotechnologists Are Targets of Unabomber Copycat, Alarming Universities: Some experts wonder whether the bombs in Mexico are the work of a group or the actions of a lone attacker presenting himself as a group in his writings. “Much of it is written in the plural possessive pronoun ‘we,’ but there are occasions where the singular personal pronoun was used by the author,” says Randall G. Rogan, a professor of communication at Wake Forest University. He is an expert on author identification and served on the team of analysts that helped identify the Unabomber, who signed his own manifesto as the work of a group, which he called the Freedom Club. Based on initial readings of two of the manifestos, Mr. Rogan guesses that the writer has some sort of college education and could even be affiliated with a college. “The author is drawing on data and drawing on references and quoting a variety of scientists”—all of which suggests academic training, he says.

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