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Are you ready for National Boss Day?: Evelyn Williams, a professor and associate vice president of leadership development at Wake Forest University Schools of Business, noted that, from a pragmatic standpoint, people should strive to get along with the folks who sign their paychecks. And while you can’t control how your boss behaves, you can alter the way you frame the relationship. “If you have a positive mental orientation about someone, if you look at them as someone who might actually be an ally and not an enemy, your body language is going to be different; you’re going to have different phrasing and communication styles,” Williams said. “I realize that can be hard, and I don’t mean to sound Pollyanna-ish. I just think no matter what you get as a boss, it’s a dependent relationship. And you need to figure out how to make the most out of that relationship.” …”Try to understand the preferences your boss has when it comes to decision making and how they like to get information,” Williams said. “These are things that are easy for you to do. You’re not compromising your integrity by conforming to some of your boss’ work-style preference. You want to know how you can be productive with them and understand them better.”

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