2012 March

The Washington Post


Admissions 101: Do you prefer college acceptances and rejections be done by Web site or envelope?: At the end of this month, college acceptance and rejection notices go out. I visited Wake Forest University last week and discovered, to my shock, that they still send theirs by mail, in a paper envelope you have to tear open. I thought everyone had switched to the dedicated Web site approach. You get the codes to access each college’s special page for the good or bad news, go there on the designated day, close your eyes, click your mouse, and bam, there it is. Wake Forest draws many applicants who appreciateĀ  its old-fashioned southern charm. Using the U.S. mail to deliver this crucial information like everybody did in my day is part of the package. If we had the choice, blogmates of any age, which would we prefer?

Atlanta Journal-Constitution


Belated liftoff for a cinematic flight of Holocaust-era imagination: ā€¦North Carolina filmmaker Sandy Dickson happened upon a copy of “The Diary of Petr Ginz” in a Winston-Salem bookstore while waiting out her mother’s hair appointment and was so compelled by the book’s expressiveness that she tracked down his sister by phone in Israel the next day.

The former Eva Ginz, now known as Chava Pressburger, had already been approached by New York and London-based film production teams. But there was something in the interest Dickson expressed that led her to delay a decision until the Wake Forest University Documentary Film Program faculty member could hurriedly write a treatment and book a flight to Israel.

“I was drawn to the fact that there was this art that was so whimsical and fantastical,” recalled Dickson, who will appear at Q&As after both screenings with team member Churchill Roberts. “I was really pulled into his imagination.”