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‘May Their Memory Be for a Blessing’: In January, I was honored to attend a United Nations showing of the unique documentary film, The Last Flight of Petr Ginz. The film tells the story of an artistic Czech boy who was killed at Auschwitz. It focuses on Petr’s short life — how he wrote poems and novels while interned at Terezin and how strongly he wanted to live despite the horrors surrounding him. Watching the documentary, I was humbled by Petr’s strength, much as I am humbled whenever I meet survivors, camp liberators, rescuers, and eyewitnesses of this terrible event. I am the child of a Holocaust survivor myself. Films like Petr Ginz, remind us of the power of the individual, the power of expression, the power of memory. It is a lesson we must all take to heart.

Editor’s note: Members of the principal production crew for The Flight of Petr Ginz, Sandy Dickson, Cindy Hill and Cara Pilson are professional filmmakers and professors in Wake Forest University’s Documentary Film Program.

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