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Stay Connected While Your Student Is Abroad: ‚Ķdaily communication is a lot to expect of a student trying to soak up all that a new country has to offer in just a few short months. So forgo making a set schedule of when you will talk, and instead just settle on how you will keep in touch, advises Samantha Radell, a recent Wake Forest University graduate who spent a summer studying in Spain. “It’s hectic and difficult to plan in advance for things, and it makes communication with your family seem like a chore,” says Radell, who talked to her family via Skype or BlackBerry messenger nearly every day. She admits this was more frequent than most of her peers. “I was abroad with my boyfriend and some of his best friends, and they thought it was bizarre how often I spoke with my family,” she says. “They would get in touch with [their family] maybe once a week.”

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