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Studies Show Roommates Can Affect Students’ Collegiate Success:


How Roommates Can Influence Students

A recent study by Wake Forest University [economics professor Amanda Griffith] indicates that if men are assigned a smart roommate, their grades tend to rise, especially if they attend a small, liberal arts school. These results suggest that male students pick up on their roommate’s motivation and study skills, which can, in turn, help boost their grades. The same, however, cannot be said about women, as there was no noticeable grade increase when women were paired with high-performing students.

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mcgalliard.donnaTips for Getting Along with a New Roommate

If students find they have a less-than-perfect relationship with their new roommates, they should not worry. There are certain tips they can follow to build a better bond with their classmate, ultimately turning cohabitation into friendship.

Donna McGalliard, dean of residence life and housing at Wake Forest University, recently said in a press release that students should start the school year off on the right foot by calling or Skyping their new roommate, rather than just looking through their Facebook profile.

Additionally, McGalliard believes creating a roommate contract is crucial. While this does not need to be a complex document, it should outline what each student thinks is important. This gives both parties a chance to be honest about what they want and do not want and find a middle ground.

Typically, McGalliard sees students argue about inviting guests into the room, using games or the TV, keeping the room clean and borrowing personal items. Therefore, individuals should be sure to establish clear guidelines when it comes to these important issues.

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