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Professor: Armstrong deflects blame for his cheating:┬áCommunication professor John Llewellyn knows the right words have power. So how effective was Lance Armstrong’s apology during his interview with Oprah Winfrey? In a story in USA Today by Tom O’Toole, Llewellyn said, “Armstrong is a really smart guy who outsmarted everybody. You find this a lot if you check FBI profilers. … The law of gravity still applies. You can run off the ledge of the Grand Canyon and be the smartest guy, and gravity is still going to have its say.” Llewellyn was not swayed during the 90-minute show. “I give him 2 out of 10 for ponying up, but if you go through this very carefully, his fingerprints aren’t on very much of the activity. There’s a lot of deflection. There are motives offered for people who outed him, even while he is acknowledging that they spoke the truth.”

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