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How to Find a Mentor Who’s Right for You: Allison McWilliams, director of Wake Forest University’s Mentoring Resource Center, says quantity as well as quality is key for professionals and students looking for career guidance. “A mentoring network can help you across many areas of your life,”¬†McWilliams says. “It’s not uncommon to have a mentor for different aspects of your professional life, and for your physical or spiritual life too.”

Mentors can help by asking useful, probing questions, providing quality feedback and helping you meet your goals.

“Mentors push us to explore our personal values and beliefs,” McWilliams says. “They help us discover who we are and how we find meaning.”

Who are your mentors? “If there is someone whose advice you seek for difficult decisions or whose guidance you always trust, chances are these people are your informal mentors.”


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