Crop yields may decline in poorest, most populated areas

Will Climate Change Imperil Your Cup of Starbucks?

Justin Catanoso of the Pulitzer Center for Crisis Reporting recently published a piece on National Geographic’s News Watch that looks at how rising temperatures may pose a risk to future food supplies. In the article, Catanoso asks Wake Forest tropical biologist Miles Silman, how tree migration may affect the earth. “You can move crops northward,” Silman told Catanoso. “Canada can become more productive, assuming the soils can handle it. So maybe (crop) productivity increases in the high latitudes. But it’s going to decrease in the southern ones. If you look at places where crop yields are expected to decline, it’s in some of the poorest and most populated places in the world.”

Catanoso is a professor of practice in Wake Forest Univerity’s English department and director of the journalism program.


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