Teachers are sacrificed for a few not very funny jokes in ‘Mike & Molly’

A pratfall too far: In the Huffington Post, Mary M. Dalton, professor of communication at Wake Forest, and Laura R. Linder, associate professor of communication at Marist College in Poughkeepsie, N.Y., write that the sitcom “Mike & Molly,” which started with promise, has become nearly unwatchable.

“There are two significant losses with the new version of ‘Mike & Molly,'” write Dalton and Linder. “The competent everywoman has become the crazy fat woman. We’ve seen too much of the latter and too little of the former in large women on television. And, teachers, unions, and public education have been sacrificed for a few not very funny jokes. Neither is acceptable, but the loss is especially dire for public education. One step to improving public education is to recognize its value and the professionalism of teachers, and portrayals such as this one undercut the possibility.”

Dalton and Linder are co-authors of “Teacher TV: Sixty Years of Teachers on Television.”

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